Wood Furniture New Zealand

Wood furniture is still the most popular among all the different materials used today to create furniture. In the recent years, we could see several new trends in furniture making that has implemented aluminium, stainless steel, plastic and rotten into the world of furniture making. Yet, if you want real classy furniture that really makes your home feel a cosier place and if you want real durable furniture, you can head to buy quality wood furniture. In our article, we would like to introduce you to some of the fine wood furniture brands at New Zealand.

Wood is a beautiful material for creating furniture. Wood is organic and this makes each one piece of wood furniture unique. Naturally, there are more than a dozen different woods used for making furniture. We know all the high value of timber, mahogany and oak furniture, as these create the most durable sort of furniture that can stand not only for decades but also for centuries. As for their characteristics, we can differentiate the hard and the soft sort of wood, each sort having different attributes to create furniture. New Zealand has its own sort of timber, which used to be the most popular wood for carpenters but in the past 10 years, the usage of this sort of wood has been banned by the government of New Zealand due to the heavy diminishing of the number of timber trees all around the country. Nowadays, the highest used wood for furniture in New Zealand is definitely teak wood, as it arrives from Asia in high numbers. Carpenters to create durable furniture also use Mango and other Asian woods. The techniques used for creating furniture are different for each sort of woods of course.

In New Zealand, you can find great quality wood furniture at the local brands such as Danske Mobler, Simply Furniture and Furniture City. Other brands such as Domo, Poynters, Domo Classic and Fabers Furnishing or Furniture 2 Go deal with imported products, which they resell in New Zealand. Smaller brands are also just as famous in the country as the bigger ones. Due to the relatively big distance between the big cities, people in New Zealand prefer to buy their furniture in their own area. Online sites such as Poynters, Harvey Norman or the Warehouse offer their wood furniture also online.

Wood furniture is perfect in every room and it is highly used by many people. About 10 years ago when Asians started moving to New Zealand, they also opened furniture stores and had their woods and furniture shipped to them for very low price. Therefore, today, government applies tax for Asian furniture sellers, this way making their furniture cost more than local furniture brands.

These are some of the New Zealand brands, which deal with their local carpenters to prepare authentic, nicely fashioned wood furniture. With most of them based in Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand has a great culture of wood furniture.