Tauranga Furniture New Zealand

Tauranga is one of the cities in the world that has an especially spectacular location. Lying in the Rantaua Bay bordered by two other bays, Tauranga is a real beach city, where water has the main role in the lifestyle of locals and thanks to its mild temperature virtually all year long, Tauranga is among the highest visited tourist attractions and holiday resorts in New Zealand. Tauranga’s most popular district is called Mt.Manunganui, located on the opposite side of the huge bays, also housing Tauranga’s airport, with is famous for its beaches and golf courses. Tauranga has one of the highest populations in New Zealand and therefore, it has a nice number of furniture stores as well.

Let us see some of the best-known and most outstanding furniture brands at Tauranga and Mt. Manunganui this time:

John Darke Interiors: This high quality furniture and interior design brand offers a great mixture of old and new styles when it comes to furniture. The brand has some really great pieces of furniture, wallpapers and home ware which makes us fly back a couple of centuries in time, yet in the same time it also offers contemporary furniture, in a different way. John Darke also offers furniture with the atmosphere of English Country and in it stores you can find all sorts of home furniture, from living room to bedroom with great designs. In the store you can get professional interior design assistance to furnish your rooms in order to bring out the best of them. You can find great accessories too in the showroom of John Darke in Tauranga.

Bedpost: being an original Tauranga brand Bedpost concentrates on offering high quality beds and mattresses for the customers. You can find a great range of beds and bedroom furniture here with professional advising regarding which sort of bed and mattress combination would work the best for you.

The Spruce Up Company: Being another Tauranga brand the Spruce Up Company is not entirely a furniture store but if you would like to have the best outdoor furniture and accessories in Tauranga, you will for sure come here. The brand offers a wide variety of outdoor furniture sets, tables, chairs, sun beds, kids’ playgrounds, garden waterfalls and ponds and also dog houses and cat and bird playing sets. You can find great glasshouses too in the store of Spruce Up and you have the chance to buy everything online with local delivery. You can also find a great deal of gardening tools in here. If you want a great, exciting garden, then we definitely suggest you not to miss visiting this store.

Kitchen Studio: the largest kitchen company of New Zealand has to have a great showroom in Tauranga too, where you can browse and choose your new kitchen. Kitchen Studio offers nice, contemporary designs together with great deals and quality.

New Zealand Lifestyle Imports: This is a great online store, which has some of the biggest selection of all sorts of furniture from all around the world. You can get to buy high quality pieces on the website of NZLI and you can literally browse the site for ours.

Of course, this is not the end of the list. All the biggest New Zealand furniture brands, such as Big Save, Target and Freedom Furniture have their showrooms located also in Tauranga or Mt. Manunganui. Tauranga is a great city to live in and once you need new furniture, don’t hesitate to visit some or all the upper mentioned brands, to buy some great quality, unique furniture for you