Target Furniture New Zealand

Target Furniture is a well-known brand all across New Zealand. The brand has stores all across the country and offers good quality furniture for a reasonable price. In our article, we would like to represent you with the stores and offer of Target Furniture stores all across the country.

Target Furniture is a Megastore chain that operates in almost every cities of New Zealand. Quite interestingly, Target is the only one of big furniture brands which operates in a loose franchise system, which means anyone can join in to become a Target Furniture store, proven that it has the sufficient capital to establish a store according to the requirements of Target. Each store is operated independently. Target Furniture has different offers in every city of New Zealand, specifically suited for the requirements of locals. This way, the brand hopes to give a more specialized service for its customers. Target Furniture’s website offers online shopping and booking possibilities for its customers with home delivery 6 days weekly, with the sole exception of Sunday.

Let us see what sort of furniture we can found in the stores of Target Furniture:
Lounge: No matter, it is about contemporary, modern, classic or coming with a slight retro feeling, you can get to find a nice variety of leather and upholstered furniture in the stores of Target furniture. The variety is huge ranging from two person sets to the biggest corner lounge suite sets you can imagine. The furniture comes in a high variety of colours and textures.

Dining Room: At Target, you can find a nice assortment of dining sets ranging from five-person to 9 person sets. You can find here beautiful wooden buffets and barstools too.

Bedroom & Bedding: From beds to classic bedroom furniture such as tallboys, lowboys and bedside tables, you can find a great assortment of bedroom furniture in the collection of Target Furniture. You have the choice, either to choose everything one by one or simply to buy one bedroom set. In the Bedding collection, you can find great quality beds, bed sets and mattresses.

Kids’ Room: You can find a nice assortment of colourful children and baby furniture with all the suitable furniture to go with the beddings. Age range is diverse and you can find great sets both for boys and for girls with the suiting colours.

Home office and office furniture: Home office is becoming an important part of home furniture, as with the help of the internet, more and more people tend to spend more and more time with working at home instead of working in an office. Here you can find a nice variety of home office furniture ranging from the smallest working corners to the biggest home office room furniture. Here, you can get to find lots of useful installations and accessories too.

Outdoor Furniture: Target Furniture offers a great deal of outdoor furniture made out of either wood or steel. The collection comprises of outdoor dining sets, sofa sets with coffee table and also alone-standing sun beds and umbrellas.

Target Furniture has showrooms in Tauranga, Mt, Eden, North Shore, Hamilton, Porirua and in Christchurch. The brand has nice discounts and offers good quality enduring furniture for its customers. If you live close to more than one showrooms of Target, we really offer you to visit both stores as their furniture may be different from the variety at other stores.