Second Hand Furniture New Zealand

When it comes to finding used furniture in New Zealand, there are two choices: online or offline buying. Offline buying works the best when you are based in Auckland, as this is the city where you can get the highest number of used furniture stores in one place. Auckland also has good auction houses that are auctioneering weekly. Here, you can even end up with antique or vintage furniture, and if you are lucky, you can get one for a good price. Stores, such as Tailored Traders, buy and sell not just home but office furniture as well. In our article, we would like to introduce you to some of the most popular choices of Kiwis when it comes to buying second-hand furniture.

Ginza Bargains-Wanganui is one of the biggest brands which is very popular both offline and online. The store offers a huge range of dining, lounge, living room, bedroom furniture. It has its own range of antique and vintage furniture and it is a popular place for the collectors. Ginza also offers linen, kid’s furniture and always has great discounts that change weekly. You can see most of the offer also online but if you live close, we suggest you to visit this place. Ginza also shops furniture and accessories.

Better Used Furniture is a growing brand located at Hawkes Bay on the Northern Island of New Zealand. The store has sales and discounts and you can buy here really everything from small bookshelves to whole sets. This is also a popular place to go for those who want to sell any of their used furniture; however, it pays attention to the quality level for the furniture not to look heavily used. It also has some antique and vintage furniture but this keeps on changing all the time. Open every day, Better User Furniture is a great place to go.

Junk & Disorderly-Northcote is a great place to go for those collectors who want to find something outstanding regardless of the style or the age as this store sells all sorts of furniture that are great even for renovators who can later sell one piece and then buy to renovate for ten times its price! Junk & Disorderly has been awarded several times for being the best-used furniture store all over New Zealand and it serves its name very well. The place is easy to find on the Northern Island and it has some great furniture. Due to the brand being well-known, prepare for the prices to be a bit higher than other places, yet you can always look for the temporary discounts.

Locanto is a website that serves as the main selling platform for everyone based at or living close to Hamilton. The page is always refreshing and you can find great deals, as everyone can advertise here, not only stores.

Other than that, a great place to go in every big city is the local auction house and the pawnshops that can have some outstanding second-hand furniture on offer from time to time. Auction houses do not always sell dead expensive items; you can get to find second hand furniture sold for less than a quarter of their original price.