Retro Furniture New Zealand

Retro furniture is quite trending, ever since some elements of the original style were implemented back in trend a couple of years ago. Of course, New Zealand also has several furniture stores that bring us back in this era. Let us explore retro furniture in this beautiful country this time.

Before starting to represent retro furniture in New Zealand, we must be clear on what retro really means. Usually, many people, sellers included, tend to mix up the terms antique, vintage and retro, as each term can be applied to old furniture. As per the terms of the art world though, antique objects are those that are more than a hundred years old. On the other hand, vintage objects are those that are 50 years old, which leaves us with retro, a term that defines objects that are at least 20-25 years old. Retro term is mostly used for furniture and fashion items that bring us back in the era of the Sixties and of the Seventies. Both eras were popular of bringing colour in flats, in dresses, and in terms of furniture, which is when the first art deco furniture and plastic furniture came in to be used in the world of furniture. Shiny and colourful objects were extremely popular too these years including everything which “brought personality” into a flat, that includes Asian and other folklore items too. Seventies were a very colourful period when it comes to dressing and furniture. Of course, we can find several furniture stores in New Zealand that offer retro furniture. Let us see some of the best places we suggest you to look around:

First, the best and easiest place to start looking around is a website called Trademe. This website is by far the most visited trading website of kiwis and they sell all sorts of furniture there. You can check for retro furniture stylistically, as there are plenty of ads offering retro furniture on the site. If you would prefer to go somewhere to look around and see furniture in real life, then you have plenty of choice. If you live in or around Auckland, you may want to go on a little excursion to neighbouring Hawkes Bay, a popular tourist resort and surfers’ paradise, where you can find some great furniture shops such as Better Used Furniture, being one of the most popular and biggest second hand furniture stores in the country. Better Used Furniture offers only good-looking pieces of furniture that can be further used by someone else. They have a large collection of retro furniture on offer and if you are lucky, you can even find some vintage items there.

If you live around the Christchurch area, you will have great choices to find both vintage and retro furniture, if you follow the guidelines of this great website called From The Universe which tells you everything about furniture sales, used furniture, antique, vintage and retro furniture stores, sales and auctions in Christchurch. For those living in Wellington, we can offer the stores of Salvation Army that offer great used things from clothes to furniture for a cheap price. Turner’s Auction House is also popular, which you can get to visit at certain days when they do auctions. The Central Market website can also be useful to visit to look around for furniture sales and auctions for you.

These are roughly the chances for you to find retro furniture in New Zealand, although the choices are far from being finished. New Zealand is very famous for its love for furniture, be it retro furniture or contemporary pieces, you can find a great variety in each cities.