Rattan Furniture New Zealand

Rattan furniture comes from Asia. It started to become extensively popular during the colonial times when British expats living in the colonies such as Borneo, Malaysia and India started to import durable and stylish rattan furniture in their homes in the United Kingdom. In our article, we would like to introduce you to some of the best places in New Zealand where you can buy rattan furniture.

Rattan furniture is made of durable rattan tree, which is in fact a family of palm trees that has different characteristics to bamboo, only with smaller branches that create a very durable texture when enlaced together. Rattan furniture is also called wicker furniture and mostly important from South East Asia where rattan grows in the largest numbers. Rattan furniture is also called wicker furniture and rattan is widely used for the creation of hampers and all sorts of baskets. Today, we can see hundreds of different rattan furniture that comprise of armchairs, chairs, hanging chairs and seating sets. Rattan furniture can be enlaced so differently that sometimes you do not even realise that it is rattan what you see. Nowadays, both natural and synthetic rattan is used for the making of furniture, very much alike in characteristics, with synthetic rattan creating a little bit softer texture. Rattan furniture works very well both as indoor and outdoor furniture. Thanks to its durable characteristics, rattan works very well when used as outdoor furniture and its beige-brown colour creates very stylish interiors and exteriors. Rattan is very stylish as furniture in New Zealand. Let us see where we can see great rattan furniture.

Creating high profile rattan seating suites, Shade 7 is an expensive outdoor furniture store located in Auckland. Apart from rattan, they also offer quality shades and sun beds.

Gilbrook Lifestyles offers a huge range of rattan furniture, which includes large seating sets, chairs, tables that are excessively light in weight and have UV resistance. Gilbrook creates synthetic rattan furniture and offers 3 to 5 years guarantee too. You can check out the wide range of enlacing styles and colours of the brand, which is outstanding. Gilbrook is located in Christchurch.

JS Interiors is a cool furniture store that offers a wide variety of furniture made out of hard wood and rattan furniture, French, Chinese, mirrored and bathroom furniture and has upholstery services. JS Interiors offers both outdoor and indoor rattan furniture. The showroom of JS is located in Auckland and they are really worth visiting for their outstanding designs.

The Warehouse can be found everywhere around New Zealand and offers all sorts of furniture for a good price. They have nice and stylish rattan furniture, calling them wicker furniture and they offer chairs, armchairs, lounges, ottoman, coffee table, kelek chairs, stacking chairs, very stylish designs. Warehouse is located at every city of New Zealand.

These are some of the main brands dealing with rattan furniture, yet it is important to note that there are many furniture dealers, which deal with imported furniture straight from Borneo, Java-Indonesia, Thailand or Indonesia. Rattan furniture is easy to move and very pleasant as a furniture which makes it ideal for modern homes.