Patio Furniture New Zealand

In a country like New Zealand where temperature is mostly mild or warm, patio furniture is always trendy. Patio furniture is also called outdoor furniture and it comprises of all furniture that can be placed outside on a patio, terrace or balcony. Several furniture stores also offer several sorts of garden furniture or spa and wellness appliances, such as Jacuzzi, outdoor pools, in addition to patio furniture. In our article, we will observe the trendiest brands today and the places where people of New Zealand buy their patio furniture.

There are several brands in New Zealand that offer outdoor and patio furniture and most of them also offer their services online, together with the choice of online shopping or online ordering. Most of these brands are based in the big cities such as Auckland where the population is the highest. Patio furniture stores are most general to be found on the Northern Island. Let us see the brands that offer good quality outdoor furniture:

Poynters is a well-known brand based in Auckland in New Zealand and it offers high quality patio furniture sets, beds and sofas, wellness and pool appliances and saunas. Their choice of patio furniture is great, comprising of dining and breakfast table sets, all sorts of different sun beds and outdoor sofa sets made out of good quality durable rattan, aluminium, teak wood, concrete and stainless steel. The brand has over 20 different seating sets depending on the space available and naturally on the taste of customers. Their high quality sets are highly bought in New Zealand and their Jacuzzi, pool and mini-pool sets are just as famous. Here you can buy everything that you need for a cosy garden. The sauna and mini sauna collection of Poynters is also very wide and they are offered for both indoors and outdoors. On the website of Poynters, you can also target your search depending on your budget. Poynters currently offers wellness appliances and patio furniture of nine well-known international brands. On the website of Poynters, you can either order or buy your preferred sets.

Mitre10Mega is an online shopping site of New Zealand that offers furniture in wide variety. Its patio furniture collections are diverse and they offer great sort of accessories with them. They offer mid to high priced patio furniture collections such as breakfast and dining sets, outdoor sofa sets or sun beds. You can get to see the whole catalogue of the brand online and there are discounts here as well. Mitre10Megais also specialised in BBQ sets and tools, which you can purchase online on its website.

Auckland based Domo Classical offers some of the highest quality patio furniture that comprises of all sorts of outdoor furniture from the most well-known international furniture brands such as Lusty’s, Sika Originals, Georgia Garden or Oceans Outdoor. Although you cannot shop online at Domo Classical, you have a chance to visit their beautiful Auckland showroom. Most collections are to be ordered from the brand that will be delivered to clients within a couple of days or weeks.

These are some of the best patio furniture brands in New Zealand, which are visited by locals. While online shopping has definite advantages, it is just as good to visit the stores of patio furniture in order for you to see the whole variety of beautiful outdoor furniture that are offered by the trendiest brands.