Outdoor Furniture New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that is a huge fan of any sorts of outdoor activities as they say, and therefore their gardening culture is very rich. The country is full of houses with a garden that most people can afford here, outside of the big cities, and people do love to stay in their gardens. Therefore, you can find a whole lot of outdoor furniture in New Zealand.

New Zealand comprises of two big islands - the Northern Island and the Southern Island. Both islands are located in the Southern hemisphere, which means the seasons are turned here upside down. Regardless of this, the country enjoys a mild temperature all-year long. The sunniest areas include Auckland and its beaches on the south, which includes the Hawke’s Bay and Bay of Plenty areas where there are the highest number of resort as well. This is also the highest populated area of the Northern Island and the good temperature means that gardens and gardening culture are both popular in New Zealand. This brings the non-stop need for garden and outdoor furniture too. New Zealand has plenty on offer when it comes to furniture. In our article, we will observe the brands that deal with the highest number of outdoor furniture in New Zealand.

The Warehouse: This brand is the biggest in New Zealand dealing with an extreme variety and sort of furniture, which also includes outdoor furniture. From dining and breakfast table sets to sofa sets, you can find many variations here for a good price. The Warehouse has the highest number of stores countrywide and they have frequent sales too. You have the chance to choose, to book and to buy the outdoor furniture you have chosen for you on the website of the company. You can choose to get the furniture at the nearest store or to have it delivered to your door.

Freedom Furniture: Freedom is a great brand when it comes to outdoor furniture because it deals with the widest range of outdoor products in the following categories: Entertaining, Decorating, Landscaping and Softs. In each category you are assured to find a couple of beautiful products, from planters to wall panels, from glasses to bowls, but also deals with mats, lanters and umbrellas. As for outdoor furniture, it offers all sorts of outdoor tables, sets, chairs and benches. Freedom has stores in every big city of New Zealand having multiple stores in both Auckland and Wellington.

Simply Furniture: This brand is based in Christchurch and currently has no stores outside of this town yet the because of the quality of its assortment. In case you live or you are to live in Christchurch looking for outdoor furniture, you should really visit the store that offers great and elegant furniture sets for terrace and balcony. The brand is not for the low-budget customers though.

Domo: If you want to see the best ever outdoor furniture which exist on the market today, you should visit the showrooms of Domo, which you can find in Auckland only. Domo deals with the elite brands and provides and excessive range of outdoor furniture concepts from all over the world. From rattan to wooden, from Mediterranean to Asian or African styles, you will be amazed to see the variety here. Domo is not for the low budget buyers but those who cannot afford furniture can still end up with an elegant accessory.

These brands are dealing with all sorts and ranges of outdoor furniture in the biggest cities of New Zealand and they all have inviting collections. New Zealand furniture stores have several price-comparing websites too, in case you are looking for something and want to find out where you can get them the cheapest or overall.