Lounge Furniture New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for its furniture trade and it has a large number of furniture stores all around the country. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the best examples of diverse styles of lounge furniture.

Lounge means living room in a stylistic way. Lounge of a home serves as the base for the family; therefore, it must include all the comfort and all the necessary things that each family member needs when at home. The lounge is the real resting room where there should be a place to read, to talk or have a tea or coffee and a place where you can enjoy watching some TV, listening to music and which of course also acts as the main playing room for children as well. As it is the lounge that all visitors see, it should be mirroring a sort of home feel, which is warm yet also elegant in its way. Furnishing a lounge therefore is never an easy task to do. Luckily, New Zealand has some of the largest number of furniture stores in its area, no matter what sort of interiors you like. Hereby, we give you an idea for several different styles of furniture that may inspire you on how to furnish your own lounge in New Zealand.

Modern furniture: If you live in Auckland, you should definitely visit Furniture City, which is among the largest brands in the city. Being famous for its modern yet classy collections of lounge furniture, Furniture City also has great prices and you have plenty of great furniture and accessories here to choose. Another popular brand of lounge furniture includes Danske Mobler that has clean Scandinavian style designs and great leather seating suites too. In Christchurch, you should visit Simply Furniture, a leading brand of modern lounge furniture with very elegant collections. VAST Furniture is a great brand that you can find all across the country. They offer their own contemporary furniture inspired by different cultures and artistic styles, making its lounge furniture overly unique yet contemporary and elegant at the same time.

High profile furniture: There are two leading high profile furniture brands in New Zealand that includes Domo Furniture and Kovacs both having their showrooms in Auckland offering beautiful and classy lounge furniture of some of the leading brands of the world. Domo offers around 10 leading European leading brands while Kovacs is rather inspired by the Italian designs.

Retro and vintage furniture: We offer you to check out the furniture brands European Antiques that sells beautiful products at WORLD stores all across the country and very famous for its genuine pieces of British and French furniture. JS Furniture offers locally made French inspiration furniture that looks just amazing, serving as the perfect lounge furniture for a classy old style home.

Country style furniture: French Country Collections is one of the finest examples when it comes to classy country furniture. The store offers genuine French and Belgian country furniture that has some outstanding lounge furniture in its collection. Smaller carpenters all across the country deal with rustic country style furniture and are able to create the lounge furniture you are looking for.

Depending on what sort of furniture you like and in which city you are located at, we suggest you to check out those stores that are the closest to your taste. In New Zealand, it is quite easy to find quality furniture, especially lounge furniture that plays the biggest role in creating a style for your flat.