Living Room Furniture New Zealand

Living room is the most important area of a flat where everyone spends most of their time while at home. Stylistically living room has the key style that rules a home. Of course, there are different sorts of living room settings to start with and you can see each sort at the several furniture stores of New Zealand. Let us see what sort of living room furniture we can find there and in what price range.

Most importantly, living room is rather called lounge in New Zealand, so if you look for living room furniture here, you will see the choice under “Lounge”. There are several sorts of furniture, which can be part of a living room, but most importantly, there is surely a sort of sofa or armchair set which rules the space of the living room paired up with a television or home cinema set. Bookshelves and all the different sorts of wardrobes and cupboards are also part of the living room. Let us see what sort of living room furniture we can see at some of the biggest furniture stores of New Zealand.

Furniture2Go works like a franchise that also connects several different brands under its banner. The brand offers lounge sets, chairs, armchairs, sofa beds and entertainment, and wall units that include TV tables, bookcases, drawers and shelves. Furniture2Go offers wooden furniture and here you can get to choose the colour of the unit that interests you. Sofa collections include 2 and 3 seated sofas, chase or corner lounge suites either paired up together or paired up with armchairs in the chosen number. Coffee table comes automatically with every set; however, it is also offered for customers to browse through and choose each item independently. Ottomans can also be chosen to be part of a set. Furniture2Go has a wide variety in colour and fabric when it comes to lounge suites. The novelty at Furniture2Go is the wide variety of electronic recliner sets. Visit the stores of the brand found in or around all the bigger cities of the Northern Island.

The Warehouse is a hypermarket which you can find everywhere in New Zealand. The great deal about the brand next to being widely accessible is that it sells its products very cheaply and has a nice range of living room furniture that comprises of colourful lounge and entertainment or wall units to go with. The Warehouse has outstanding desks, drawers and storage units. The brand has a fair choice of sofas and recliners paired up with coffee tables and ottomans too. Find The Warehouse in every towns of New Zealand.

Danske Mobler is one elite brand of New Zealand that is very popular for its clean designs and for its stylish furniture. Although not being cheap at all, Danske Mobler also acts as a reseller of other international brands. As for its living room furniture, Danske Mobler has an extensive range of sofa sets, which includes beautiful and large corner sets and 2 and 3 person sofas. There is a wide range of recliners, including the Stressless electronic recliners with Danske Mobler being the only retailer in New Zealand. Find Danske Mobler in every bigger cities of the country.

These are some of the most popular furniture stores in New Zealand, which we can find everywhere and anywhere and offers furniture of different price range. If you want a high profile living room, visit some or all these brands to get inspiration, design and then buy your most preferred style of living room.