Leather Furniture New Zealand

Leather furniture has always been a very important part of furniture making. Leather is widely used for making seating furniture such as chairs, sofas, armchairs and ottomans, to name a few examples. Leather does not only make furniture cosy and comfortable to sit on, but also it is among the most durable materials that can endure decades, if not centuries of heavy use. Let us see some of the best-known New Zealand furniture companies that offer quality leather furniture.

SJ Interiors: This Christchurch-based business offers some of the biggest variety of furniture that also includes a wide array of leather furniture. Here you can see some outstanding designs when you look at their seating collections such as the Chesterfield sofa made out of high quality white leather or their Barcelona and Marbella collections of seating sets. Some of their furniture represents a refreshing retro feeling while others suit the modern flavour.

Simply Furniture: Another Christchurch-based business that offers high quality and a nice variety of leather furniture in its lounge seating sets. You can see all sorts of leather sofas and seating sets here, coming in all sorts of colours to suit the taste of as many customers as possible. Here you can see beautiful examples of contemporary designs. You can also spot elegant dining sets that come with chairs covered in leather. Alone-standing leather chairs, armchairs, and recliners also make an important part of the collection. From simple 2-person sofa to huge corner suites, you can see beautiful leather furniture in the stores of Simply Furniture.

Danske Mobler is among the biggest names of furniture companies in New Zealand. This expensive yet trendy brand offers great variety of elegant leather furniture, sofa and lounge sets for its customers. Lounge suites and sofas come in all different colours and designs at Danske Mobler. In addition to this, the brand is the only seller of Stressless leather furniture collection, which includes sofas, armchairs and recliners. Stressless is a Norwegian brand the furniture of which has been created to give the maximum conform for its users and has grown out to be a worldwide known brand on its own. Stressless is offered by other furniture stockists in New Zealand yet solely through Danske Mobler.

Freedom brand sells fantastic quantity of furniture, home, kitchen, tableware, and all sorts of home accessories all across New Zealand. The brand offers refreshing designs of leather furniture in its leather lounge sofas and modular seating sets collections paired up with chairs, recliners and ottomans. Freedom’s designs range from vintage-retro to contemporary styles. It is really worth visiting one of its stores the closest to you located in Hastings, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Mt. Wellington, Newmarket, Rotoura, Taupo and Wellington.

These are some of the brands, which have an extensive collection of leather furniture. However, before deciding on investing in leather lounge seating sets, you need to make sure to give at least a basic care to the leather, which is the more enduring when treated with attention. Most leather furniture stores also offer different treats for their leather leather sprays or cremes that you should apply on leather once or twice monthly to ensure it will look fantastic for a long time.