Kitchen Furniture New Zealand

Kitchen designing is never easy because of the always-different spacing and area that each flat or house has for a kitchen. These non-stop changes resulted in several kitchen design companies in New Zealand. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the biggest quality and other unique kitchen designers and concepts that are trending today in New Zealand.

Kitchen and bathroom designing has become crucial in New Zealand, where quite interestingly ordinary furniture stores do not offer neither kitchen nor bathroom furniture. In order to support the local businesses, New Zealand has even established an association with the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association to support these companies and to help businesses with their promotion by representing the always-changing concepts in terms of kitchen. As for the concepts, today the concept of modern American and Italian style kitchens are the ones that are really trending in New Zealand. Dozens of great companies who either make or trade quality kitchen furniture offer quality furniture. Let us see some of the best companies that deal with kitchens today in New Zealand:

Kitchen Express: offering a wide variety of quality kitchen furniture and appliances, Kitchen Express is really keeping up to date with the current trends. They offer kitchen in diverse colours, arrangement and styling and offer quick and easy installation as well. The company is based in Christchurch and has a showroom in Ashburton.

Palazzo Design: This is a Christchurch-based Company offering high profile Italian kitchen furniture with German and Italian kitchen appliances for the long lasting kitchens. They have a huge catalogue and they are trendy in terms of high quality kitchens.

Moda - The Kitchen Specialist: This is one of the biggest brands in New Zealand having showrooms all across the country. Moda offers great contemporary kitchen designs and you can choose out of cabinetry, bench-tops, handles, sinks and taps, offering the chance for customers to browse through the whole selection and design their kitchen according to their own taste and requirements.

Kitchens by Design: Multiple award-winning kitchen and bathroom designing company that is based in Auckland and they offer a huge variety of both traditional and contemporary kitchen concepts for all sorts of spaces. The company currently has one showroom in Auckland.

Trends Kitchens: Offering high profile European kitchen designs with German fittings and appliances, this company is famous on the Southern Island and it is based in Christchurch, having showrooms also in Nelson, Cromwell and Blenheim.

Kitchen Studio: This is one of the biggest kitchen furniture companies offering a wide range of contemporary kitchen design with appliances, fittings and this company gives customers the chance to take an active part in choosing everything they would like to see in their future kitchen. The best thing in the company is that they have one studio in all the big cities of New Zealand both on the Northern and on the Southern Island.

Minikitchens: This Company represents a novelty concept coming straight from Italy, where city flats are sometimes too small to handle a proper kitchen area. The Minikitchen concept represents us with some great designs for the case, when we only have a very small room for creating a great kitchen. Based in Tauranga, Minikitchen has showrooms in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.

These are some of the best and most interesting kitchen furniture companies today in New Zealand. Look around when looking for greatly styled and constructed kitchens in the showrooms of above-mentioned companies, where you can buy all on one to create your own beloved kitchen.