IKEA Furniture New Zealand

New Zealand is a great country to live in and it is quite famous for its furniture industry on its own right. Therefore, the country has an excessive number of furniture stores, selling original New Zealand furniture, contemporary styles, imported European furniture and imported antique and retro furniture. There is only one big international furniture brand left which New Zealand does not have, which is IKEA. Therefore, the country has found other options to buy imported IKEA furniture. We would like to introduce a couple of companies in New Zealand that deal with imported IKEA furniture.

IKEA is by far one of the biggest and fastest growing contemporary furniture brands in the world, which has opened over 300 showrooms in 40 countries. The company, which is originally from Sweden, has quickly developed to become more than a furniture brand; it is rather a lifestyle brand, strongly promoting not only Swedish products but also Sweden itself. The highly successful format is due to the great promotion, the attractive design, the buffet and restaurant section of the stores that sell original Swedish food and desserts and their food section which sells original, often bio-products all of which come from the Scandinavian country.

IKEA takes part in several charity programs too which aims to help the children and the animals all across the world with the buying of their goods, specifically their stuffed toy animals. The brand comes out with new furniture collections each year. IKEA has its own shopping card offering several benefits for its holders, which range from discounts on the prices of furniture to getting free coffee and discount meals in the showrooms of IKEA. The furniture of the brand come in parts with a manual on how to arrange them, but if wished professionals can arrange them too. IKEA is considered one of the cheapest furniture brands in the world, right in style that ranges from romantic/country style to post-modern and colourful furniture for all rooms that a house may have. Their collection of home ware, textiles and kitchenware is large too.

The nearest IKEA store to New Zealand can be found in Australia. Therefore, IKEA furniture is mostly imported from there in the showrooms or upon ordering by New Zealand companies among which the two biggest are Otahuhu-based Nevada Furniture, where you can buy and order IKEA furniture online, the other is called Myflatpack which also deals with IKEA furniture which it also sells in its showroom which is based in Auckland. Thanks to its huge success, Myflatpack will soon open its second large IKEA showroom in Christchurch too. Currently these two stores represent the biggest option for New Zealand locals to get hold of a limited collection of IKEA furniture.

IKEA is hopefully to open its first store in New Zealand very soon, until then New Zealand has its own great furniture stores, such as Furniture City, Furniture 2 Go and other great brands offering the same, if not better quality furniture for the locals. We really suggest you to check these stores out, before trying to order IKEA furniture in New Zealand.