Home Furniture New Zealand

Home furniture is diverse in New Zealand and this is due to the very rich culture of the country in terms of carpentry. In our article, we would like to explore some of the most outstanding and accessible home furniture stores in New Zealand.

Home furniture in New Zealand is pretty diverse, yet rather stays on the contemporary side of trends and ethnic furniture is not extremely fashionable yet in the country, which rather follows the British, US and Italian trends, when it comes to furniture culture. Luckily, New Zealand is among the lowest populated countries in the world, which means people here can generally afford bigger homes than other people of the world averagely own. The search for good-looking and durable home furniture is non-stop. Apart from all cities having their signature home furniture stores, there are some brands generally sold in multiple regions of New Zealand.

Furniture Court is among the big home furniture retails that have over 10 stores all over the country, which also includes the Southern Island including Christchurch and Wellington. Furniture Court is specialised in beds, offering different sorts of great beds. They also deal with quality living room and dining room furniture. Furniture Court has stores in every region of New Zealand.

A great retail of home furniture, Furniture2Go has over 12 retails, mostly on the Northern Island of New Zealand. The brand offers diverse New Zealand brands’ home furniture and it plans to open further stores due to its great success. The collection of the brand is among the most colourful especially in terms of living room, bedroom, lounge and dining room furniture.

Freedom is only halfway a furniture store, as it has a bigger portion of home and kitchenware than furniture, but also it offers quality dining room furniture and it specialises on living room sofas, armchairs, ottomans and sofa sets made of leather or fabric. Freedom Furniture has stores all over the country and it is popular because of its easy accessibility and high quality furniture and home ware.

Being rather a hypermarket for electronics, office and home furniture, the Warehouse is a genuine brand being among the cheapest on the furniture market, producing stylish and durable furniture. The Warehouse is popular because it has showrooms all across the country and it offers a good range of furniture for quite a great price and with several discounts.

D’zine is a growing brand of contemporary furniture. D’zine has stores all across the country and offers fine quality furniture with good guarantee. Although D’zine is not among the cheapest brands, it definitely has a reasonable price range and its relative easy accessibility makes its popularity grow further.

These are currently the brands, which deal with home furniture and can be found in the highest number inside New Zealand. Each one of these above-mentioned brands deals with good quality home furniture and is among the most popular brands.