Furniture Shops New Zealand

New Zealand is a huge country with several big towns and cities. The great deal about New Zealand is its tropical climate and the sheer beauty of its natural wonders. Therefore, more and more people are deciding to set tent in New Zealand. When you decide to have a home, you will definitely need lots of furniture to feel cosy. In our article, we will enlist some of the most popular and unique furniture stores in New Zealand, per budget and per city too.

The Warehouse: Most popular hypermarket in New Zealand is the Warehouse. It offers some of the biggest range of furniture, sanitary products and kitchen furniture as well. The best thing in the Warehouse is that you can find it everywhere around the country and here you can really buy everything at one place which may mean huge saving too. The Warehouse offers low to mid-priced furniture and it has an extensive range of electronic products and gadgets too. You have the chance to shop online on the website of the Warehouse and have all the goods delivered to you.

Big Save Furniture: Advertising itself as the largest discount furniture store of New Zealand, here you can really get to find the cheapest offers. The offer of furniture is not bad either, although it concentrates on the main rooms of the house excluding kitchen and bathroom products in all. You can find Big Save Furniture in almost every city and town of New Zealand.

Furniture2Go: This is a growing brand having many stores on the Northern Island, especially concentrating on the smaller towns, cities and suburbs. Cities include Warkworth, North Shore, Takanini, Waihi, Taupo and Gisborne among others. The brand offers home furniture with the exception of kitchen, outdoor and bathroom furniture. Mid to Higher-budget furniture shops:

Danske Mobler: Offering a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture, Danske Mobler is among the highest quality furniture brands of New Zealand. The modern Italian and Scandinavian furniture designs inspire the contemporary furniture. Stressless is the unique product of Danske Mobler, which, contrary to its name, is a real New Zealand furniture brand. Stressless is the name of the unique recliners that come in all sorts of style and colours and are immensely popular all over New Zealand. You can find Danske Mobler in every bigger city and town of New Zealand especially in the large shopping malls.

Furniture City: This brand is available in Auckland and it brings the European style to New Zealand. The great brand offers both contemporary and also romantic and British country style furniture. It concentrates on indoor furniture and its Children furniture collection is one of the most popular in New Zealand.

Freedom Furniture: This brand is one of the biggest suppliers of both furniture and accessories and its popular for its good quality and trendy products. Offering both indoor and outdoor furniture at Freedom Furniture, you can also choose from a wide range of textiles for curtains. For bed cloth, you can find a great deal of carpets, linen, cutlery, baskets, holders, overall a great deal of products. Freedom Furniture has showrooms all across the country, which makes it easy to find.

These were some of the most popular furniture shops all around New Zealand. Although every city has its own deal of furniture brands, you can find these brands in every big city with the sole exception of Christchurch where other outstanding brands such as Simply Furniture are the most popular.