Furniture Sale New Zealand

Furniture sale is a great business both for the customers and for the shops. Of course, we can spot furniture sale everywhere in the world because of sales out, overstocking or simply due to new collections arriving in store. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the best places in New Zealand that regularly do and are famous for their furniture sale.

Located at the North Coast at Northcote, Junk & Disorderly is famous all over the country for its weekend and seasonal furniture sale. The store deals with all sorts of second-hand furniture, which includes all of contemporary accessories such as gramophones, LPs, pictures, frames, vases and lamps. If you want to create a certain atmosphere at your home, it is great to visit such places as you can get so much inspiration. The brand has been awarded as the top furniture sellers of New Zealand. Those looking for antiques and rare vintage pieces often visit Junk & Disorderly to find something worthy. The store has good prices and its furniture sale pieces are really a bargain to get.

Big Save Furniture is the biggest discount furniture brand of New Zealand and it offers great furniture sales for many of its items from time to time. Big Save Furniture has stores in every bigger cities and towns of the country and therefore it is very popular among locals. Although the brand concentrates on plain and basic sets, which mainly consists of sofa and armchair sets, lounge and dining sets, bedrooms and kid’s furniture, the sets here are sometimes less than half the price of a mid-priced set anywhere else. The seasonal furniture sale is a great event when each store of Big Save Furniture gets thousands of visitors daily. During this time of the year, Big Save Furniture offers 5 different collections, one of which is designed with high care and styling.

Better Used Furniture is located in surfers’ and holiday paradise Hawkes Bay, this store has lots of customers and regulars coming back from time to time to check out on the furniture sales of the brand. Better Used Furniture is a furniture store that sells used furniture. Being very popular at a crowded city, the brand can refresh its stock very often due to the high number of furniture that arrives here day by day. The used furniture of Better Used Furniture is fine quality and they only accept such used furniture that is in a good shape. The styles are diverse here; you can find contemporary styles the most, yet if you are lucky, you can spot some retro or antique furniture from time to time. You can also find furniture of Better Used Furniture online, being parts of their furniture sales on the website called Trade Me.

Naturally, each city and town has their own furniture sale stores and promotions and enlisting all of these would be virtually impossible. Yet these above stores are definitely the biggest brands now in New Zealand when it comes to furniture sale. We highly suggest you to check them out.