Furniture Retailers New Zealand

Furniture is a great product to sell because it is something that is always necessary and it is the main tool for people to create their living space just how they like them, depending on their personal flavour. This is why there are several sorts of furniture retailers, which sell multiple sorts of brands and collections in each country, depending on the actual trends and of course the quality. In our article, we would like to introduce you to some of the best furniture retailers in New Zealand.

Furniture is like fashion; it has trends and these trends change all the time. Furniture design has been recreating itself to become a way of art as well with furniture design being much more than carpentry is today taught in design schools all over the world. Each country and culture has its own style of furniture that sometimes becomes hot all over the world.

Black Dog Furniture is an original New Zealand brand which deals with rich quality wooden rustic sort of furniture for homes and for commercial use. Their collections are colourful and look great in any home. Quite interestingly, Black Dog also offers its furniture for hire, which is quite a unique feature of the brand. You can find Black Dog Furniture is based in Hamilton.

Furniture 2Go is offering New Zealand made furniture only, this brand is one of the quickest rising furniture retailers of New Zealand offering over 10 local brands such as White Rose Furniture, Johm Young Furniture, Morgan, Warwick and Leather Master among several other brands. Furniture2Go has over 10 stores already on the Northern Island.

Furniture City is one of Auckland’s premiere furniture retailers, offering a wide range of furniture with the sole exception of kitchen and bathroom furniture. Furniture City has great prices and follows the global trends; therefore, it is popular all across New Zealand.

Freedom Furniture is one of the largest houseware and furniture retailers in the country. Freedom Furniture has stores in all the major cities of New Zealand. The great brand offers a huge variety of furniture and houseware collections for its guests and acts as the local retailer of over a dozen brands.

Kovacs is one of the first furniture retailers of high profile furniture coming from Italy and follows the best European and international trends. The stores of Kovacs can be found in Auckland and Wellington.

Dzine is one of the recently growing furniture retailers, which is becoming more and more popular, and has an extensive range of collections made by local carpenters and has stores in the key regions of the country.

Domo is among the few retailers of the most expensive luxury furniture from all around the world. They offer brands coming from Germany, Italy, and the Scandinavian countries and from the United States. You can find some of the most beautiful designer furniture in the stores of Domo based in Auckland.

These furniture brands are some of the key furniture retailers of New Zealand, excluding all the furniture retailers who only deal with bathroom and kitchen furniture. We really suggest you to look at the extensive range of furniture that above-mentioned brands offer.