Furniture Restoration New Zealand

Furniture restoration is a great business, no matter it is about restoring vintage or antique furniture or it is about restoring ordinary furniture, breathing new life in a piece of furniture is just great. In New Zealand, it is just as usual for people trying to restore their furniture than anywhere else in the world. In our article, we would like to represent you some of the best furniture restoration businesses per city.

How many times it happens that the cover or the mattress of a bed or a sofa goes just too old and you just do not want to drop your beloved piece of furniture. Furniture can indeed be revived and it can even get a brand new outlook, being just the same beloved piece. It is indeed possible to restore any sort of furniture if it gets under the hand of a well-experienced carpenter. Nowadays, furniture restoration is a brand new job, being one sort of carpentry.

Auckland Restorers and Finishers is a good local company deals with full or partial restoration, upholstery and furniture making as well. They are a good brand and have good prices for their work.

Kelsey’s specialises in the professional restoration of vintage and antique furniture. They do cane work, veneers, glass repairs, mirror replacement and restoration, and they also offer insurance and guarantee for their work. This is not the cheapest business but they do great job when it is about restoring furniture that has all the potential to become a wonderful piece for its owner.

Danbar is a strong brand when it comes to restoration. They deal with repair, restoration, polishing of contemporary and antique furniture. The brand is based in Auckland.

Silverdale Furniture Restorations being a professional company, one of the best in the business restoring any furniture, especially the antiques. They specialise in the restoring of wooden furniture. They are located at Silverdale, being in the neighbourhood of Auckland.

One of the biggest and most popular furniture restoration businesses of Wellington, Living Room does everything from re-upholstery to complete restoration of any sort of furniture, even the badly damaged ones. They specialise in the upholstery of armchairs, sofas and even deal with commercial and boat interior upholstery with a huge range of fabrics on offer.

McDonald and Hartshorne: A great Christchurch based business that operates partly as a furniture restoration company; on the other hand, it also operates as retail for other different brands famous all over New Zealand, such as Danske Moebler or Kovacs Luxury Furniture. They deal with upholstery, restoration and carpentry services and offer consultation on what furniture you should have.

These are some of the many great businesses dealing with furniture restoration in New Zealand. If you care to have your furniture’s old beauty to be restored or for your furniture to have a great makeover, do not hesitate to look up one of these businesses being the closest to you.