Furniture Repair New Zealand

Furniture repair is an organic part of carpentry, yet in the past few decades, it is becoming more of a specialised business. Furniture repair and renovation go hand-in-hand, yet while renovation concentrates more on giving the furniture either its own or another outlook, furniture repair concentrates more on fixing the actual defects of furniture. If the leg of your chair or table gets broken, you go to a furniture repair to get it fixed. Of course, nowadays, when it is easier to buy a new chair than to repair it, the role of furniture repair mainly concentrates on fixing vintage and antique furniture.

Furniture repair and restoration role has dramatically increased when smart businesspersons started to buy used, sometimes heavily used vintage and antique furniture that they have restored to their original outlook and sold them for 100 times the price they bought it. Several antique, vintage and country furniture dealers get the furniture at pawnshops and flea market for a small sum of money, then restore it and sell it for extreme prices. Indeed, bringing back the beauty of furniture is an art on its own. On the other hand, several families, especially with small children, have their furniture severely damaged because of heavy use and want to renovate these. This is why furniture repair is a great business. Let us see some of the best furniture repair businesses in New Zealand and around the biggest cities:

Dunbar is a professional company based in Auckland. They deal with full and partial repair of all sorts of furniture. They especially deal with the repairing and restoration of antiques and vintage furniture and their workshop is always full of work made by professional carpenters specialising in furniture repair. Dunbar concentrates on wooden furniture and deals with French polishing and Antique Polishing techniques. Dunbar also deals with picking up used and broken furniture to repair and sell them looking just as if they were new.

Being a professional carpentry, Furniture Works deals with the creation, restoration and repairing of all sorts of furniture especially specialised in antiques when it comes to furniture repair and restoration. They provide full service and they love to convert furniture.

The Furniture Doctor is specialised in furniture repair, this company is glad to repair any sort of furniture. They also deal with renovation, restoration and even conversion of furniture for a reasonable price. They deal with furniture finishing, antiques, cane replacement, restoring and converting old furniture.

Dealing with upholstery and furniture repair, Living Room is among the biggest Wellington-based businesses offering complex services for all those looking to have their furniture repaired or renovated. Living Room is dealing with professional upholstery and has a wide array of fabrics available.

B&D Upholstery is dealing with furniture repair and professional upholstery, this brand specialises in taking care of sofas, chairs and armchairs mainly. The brand is based in Auckland.