Furniture Outlets New Zealand

New Zealand is a large country, contrary to the fact that it has a low population, there is an ongoing need for furniture that brings the large furniture outlets to existence. New Zealand has a large number of furniture outlets, mostly located in the big cities of the country. Hereby, we introduce you to some of the biggest furniture outlets of New Zealand.

The Warehouse is not primarily a furniture outlet but rather a sort of electronics, home ware and furniture hypermarket. The store is great because it offers a huge range of products and that it can be found all over the country. This outlet does have an assortment of furniture and offers kitchen and bathroom furniture that other outlets do not generally offer and you can buy all the electronics and accessories you need in a flat. The Warehouse is cheap and you can have great discounts for whole sets. The outlets of the Warehouse are among the most-visited all across the country. You can find the nearest store to you very easily on the website of the brand and also you can buy or order the preferred products, then either have it delivered to your door, or you can bring it home from the outlet being nearest to you. The Warehouse also offers simple but various kids’ furniture and outdoor furniture.

Big Save Furniture is among the largest discount furniture outlets of New Zealand. They are cheap but have various sorts of furniture. Their current collection comprises of the following collections: Verso, Nordic, Project Furniture Collection, Slumberpaedic and EJP Fabric Lounge collections. Big Save Furniture is especially strong in terms of living room sets and armchairs and has a wide variety of dining sets that also includes several different sorts of outdoor breakfast and dining sets. Big Save Furniture has outlets all across the country and the low prices and oft discounts make it even more popular. Although Big Save offers no choice for its collections to be bought online, you can find it in every city that includes also the suburbs.

Furniture2Go is one growing brands of furniture and it offers better quality mid-range priced furniture for everyone. Furniture2Go has furniture outlets especially on the Northern Island with further plans to open more stores on the Southern Island as well. Furniture2Go especially concentrates on living room, halls and bedrooms. It does not offer specialised furniture such as kids’, kitchen or bathroom furniture. It offers living room and bedroom sets for discounted prices. The brand has more than 10 stores on the Northern Island, which excludes big cities, yet includes suburbs. You can buy or order furniture on the website of Furniture2Go.

These are currently the biggest furniture outlets found in New Zealand; however, there are lots or other brands that can be found in the biggest cities of New Zealand, such as Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.