French Furniture New Zealand

French style has always been worldwide famous and copied, no matter we talk about French art, fashion or home design. France has always been a pioneer of new styles and vintage or antique French furniture is sold and looked for all around the world. French capital, Paris, is the most visited and equally the most stylish city in the world. No wonder, everyone would love to have a bit of France through furniture, home ware and lifestyle products in their home. Let us see where we can find quality French furniture in New Zealand.

Antique French furniture styles are extremely popular all around the world. Recreated and restored by thousands all around the world, French style brings a touch of sophistication to any home. When talking about French furniture, we can enlist some New Zealand quality shops, which offer either the genuine or the recreated sort of French furniture. Let us look around in New Zealand’s furniture world now, to see the best brands:

Christchurch-based JS Furniture offers high quality hardwood and rattan furniture. The characteristic that makes this brand so unique is their fine taste in furniture making. They have an alone-standing collection of French furniture. They offer beautiful lounge seating, baroque chairs and coffee tables, elegant side tables, dressing consoles, drawers, bookcases, beautiful wardrobes and wonderful china display units. The furniture’s’ favoured colour is white with golden decorations that may appear on the sidelines. JS Furniture is really worth visiting for its beautiful collections. They also offer bathrooms, modern furniture, outdoor furniture sets and they also have a quite elegant range of upholstered furniture.

Vintage Revival is a great furniture store that offers antique style French furniture that they renovate, restore and even reconstruct as per the requirements of modern lifestyle. This Auckland-based antique and vintage furniture company imports furniture from France, Belgium and offers antique British and Scandinavian furniture. No matter, we talk about home wares, mirrors, lighting or decoration items, you can find them at Vintage Revival.

Auckland-based European Antiques has grown out to become one of the major antique dealers of New Zealand. Selling its antique furniture, home ware and artefacts in the stores of WORLD brand, in Auckland and Wellington among other cities, you can find beautiful authentic antique British and French furniture in diverse styles. European Antiques offers genuine, restored and renovated furniture that they import in New Zealand. The company has a huge and always changing collection due to its large clientele. Quite interestingly, the store also offers genuine antique industrial furniture and even machines, religious artefacts, vintage garden furniture and gardening items and beautiful mirrors. Here, you really travel back to history, seeing this cavalcade of historical items.

French Country Collection offers beautiful French country furniture, which is as famous as its British counterpart is. Here you can see beautiful, stylish rustic vintage style furniture that brings you to Provence and all the beautiful regions of France. You can see all sorts of French furniture such as chairs, beds, consoles, cabinets, bedside tables, and stools among many other pieces. Find French Country Collection in Albany, Auckland.

Do not miss visiting the New Zealand stores that all have great collections of French furniture. Either genuine or inspired, they offer many pieces that may make your flat beautiful and unique at the same time.