Designer Furniture New Zealand

Designer ware has always been cool no matter what range of products we are talking about. Fashion items, cars or accessories are worth so much more, when they come from a cool brand, based on the brand’s fame and the quality it delivers. It is just the same when it comes to furniture. Many designers such as Versace Armani or Fendi have released their home ware and furniture collections. Let us see this time the sort of designer furniture we can find in New Zealand and the trendiest brands that offer them.

New Zealand people, who like to refer themselves as kiwis, like designer furniture as much as the people of any nation, so hereby we enlist the most popular furniture stores together with the designer furniture they are offering:

Kovacs: The Hungarian ancestors of founder Mr. Kovacs have introduced New Zealand with a wide range of its own high quality furniture, which includes collections such as Amalfi, Casa Fini, Pure Motion and Healthcare recliners. You can choose your most preferred style of furniture, no matter whether it is Mediterranean or more of an old-style rustic sort of furniture, you can find it all at Kovacs furniture. Chairs are a specialty of the brand; you can find some of the most beautiful chairs at Kovacs. The brand is sold in its own showrooms and by diverse stores all around New Zealand by various brands such as Danske Mobler, Dawsons Furniture among many others.

Danske Mobler: Danske Mobler is one of New Zealand’s top designer brands when it comes to furniture. It offers Danish style pure forms and great unique designs, especially when it comes to living room, lounge, dining room and outdoor furniture. The brand has its own patented recliner brand, called Stressless, and it is bought all over the country. Danske Mobler has stores all around the country’s biggest cities and it offers products via smaller stockists.

DOMO Furniture: Offering some of the biggest and most expensive furniture brands from all over the world, Domo is the perfect shopping place for the lovers of high quality design and the designer labels. The store offers high quality collections from Ligne Roset, DURESTA, Grange, Borgo de Mastri, Lloyd Loom, Marchetti and Dedon among others. Domo is based in Auckland and has two elegant showrooms in the city.

Iconic is a designer furniture website, which offers extra expensive and high quality designer furniture and designer accessories online. The website is great especially for those who look for one or two especially unique furniture parts such as chairs, tables, frames or lamps. The page represents us with contemporary designs and surprisingly offers designer jewellery too.

Sold by World Beauty furniture stores in New Zealand, European Antiques is one of the most expensive sorts of designer furniture delivering antique and antique looking Victorian, Edwardian and British country furniture, which is well-loved all across New Zealand, the British colony, which in many ways reminds tourists of Great Britain. High quality and unique, antique looking furniture is on the offer here, in multiple styles and forms. World Beauty stores can be visited in Auckland, Wellington and Newmarket.

These are some of the most outstanding designer furniture brands in New Zealand, which of course do not include all stores, only some of the most well known brands. If you want to see the best quality or most unique furniture and home ware, visit one or all of these stores.