Christchurch Furniture New Zealand

Being the second largest city of importance, Christchurch has long been held as the centre of carpentry and furniture making. The great city provides the country with some of the best furniture companies of New Zealand. We look around in Christchurch in search of the best furniture stores here.

Christchurch is located on the Southern Island of New Zealand. It is the biggest city virtually in the middle of the most beautiful national parks of the country. Therefore, the city’s supply of wood has always been much larger than of the cities located on the Northern Island. Christchurch is also a port city, which has a great sea and air traffic as well, importing tree to all over the world. Let us see the most popular furniture stores of this beautiful city:

Simply Furniture has two showrooms in Christchurch and it is among the most popular furniture companies of the city. They have great, elegant and colourful collections that comprise of indoor and outdoor home furniture. The great deal about Simply is its quality of wood and fabrics they use and the wide variety of furniture they offer. Although they do not offer bathroom, kitchen or kids room sets, Simply Furniture is still serving as the Nr. 1 place to go for many who look for quality furniture.

JS Interiors is one of the best furniture brands at Christchurch that everyone should visit. The company has a huge variety of furniture offering the following ranges of collections: Solid wood, Rattan, Chic, French, Outdoor, Bathroom, Modern, Upholstery, Kids’, Accessories. From this enlisting, you can see how huge their collection is. Once you come here, you are ensured to browse a lot and wanting to buy even more. JS has outstanding quality and designs and we suggest you to check out its French and Modern collections, with Modern furniture representing outstanding leather sofas and chairs. The great deal of the store is its bathroom furniture, which is rather rare to find at a furniture store in New Zealand. The company has several sales and discounts and it is one of New Zealand’s best furniture stores.

Mr. Pickwick’s is the best antique store in Christchurch being also the most popular of this sort. If you want to browse across historical items coming from all over the world and find something great and unique, you should definitely check this store out. Mr. Pickwick’s offers lounge, bedroom and dining room furniture, loads of old home ware, lamps, kitchenware, metal ware, mirrors, clocks, mats and linen among many other things. Quite interestingly, the store also offers Office furniture, china and pottery and crystal items as well. If you look for vintage or colonial garden furniture, you can also find great items here.

These are some of the most outstanding furniture brands of Christchurch, which are quite worth visiting. New Zealand is a great country when it comes to home ware and furniture and Christchurch is among the best cities to browse through when it comes to great quality and unique pieces of furniture.