Cheap Furniture New Zealand

New Zealand is popular for its furniture stores, furniture and gardening culture. Due to the low number of population, people can live here in bigger flats and houses that naturally bring the need for furniture. Of course, there are many who cannot afford to buy expensive but rather go for the cheap furniture. Let us look at some of the most popular cheap furniture brands of New Zealand.

Hereby, we enlist those stores where you can get to buy discounted and cheap furniture. We exclude used or second-hand furniture stores, as we will discuss these in a separate article.

The Warehouse is very famous for its huge variety of cheap furniture on offer. There are several sales promotions here and the best thing is that you can get to buy all sorts of furniture, sanitary products and all the necessary electronics at one place! This is a huge saving because most New Zealand furniture stores do not offer kitchen and bathroom furniture. Warehouse is also the most available range of store throughout the country and has dozens of stores all across the country. Check out the furniture section of the Warehouse, it will not disappoint you. The Warehouse offers customers the chance to shop online or to book their products then take them from the closest store. Warehouse also offers special customer cards and discounts along with them.

Furniture city offers a wide range of IKEA style contemporary furniture with traces of British country and traditional styles as well. The variety is great here and you can get good promotions at times. Although the brand is not among the cheapest but it offers fine quality, trendy and durable products. The only problem of Furniture City is that it is an Auckland brand and has no stores yet outside of Auckland where it has four showrooms.

Simply furniture is not exactly a cheap furniture range but it’s the biggest Christchurch based furniture brand that you can find in the city. The brand offers quality furniture and it is not the highest priced brand in the city, which means, it is worth checking out, especially when looking for durable furniture.

Big Save is often referred to as the largest discount furniture brand in the country, and in real, you can get to find lots of cheap furniture here, excluding kitchens and bathrooms. Currently the brand has five collections, with the Verso, Nordic, Project, Slumberparade and EJP Fabric collections. The variety is great here and the best thing is that you can find Big Save Furniture everywhere in New Zealand. Big Save offers 3 sorts of cards (prepaid or credit) which can offer further discounts or payback when you shop with them.

These are currently some of the most popular cheap furniture brands in New Zealand. The Warehouse and Big Save are the best options for those, who really need to shop a great range of furniture within the shortest time, while you have the chance to collect money and by the time you can afford more than cheap furniture, you can go ahead and replace your existing furniture.