Bedroom Furniture New Zealand

Bedroom is one important room of the house and even if you do not have enough space for a proper bedroom, you need one bed to sleep on. Of course, having proper bedroom means, that you need bedroom furniture and it is usually much more than just a bed, including bedside tables, headboards, tallboys, dressers and the beautiful dressing tables all women dream to have. Many people have a bedside sofa, hampers, boxes and all sorts of accessories that make the bedroom comfortable, not to mention the wardrobes, which make part of most bedrooms. Let us see where we can find great quality and great variety of bedroom furniture in New Zealand. Hereby, we introduce some of the biggest brands that are famous for their bedroom furniture in New Zealand.

As for the style of bedrooms, we can see that kiwis prefer their homes to be trendy and contemporary without country or romantic style vintage playing a huge role in the local trend. Let us see what we can find in the furniture stores of New Zealand when looking for bedroom furniture. It is important to mention that in New Zealand, cupboards come automatically with the double beds.

Danske Mobler:
Well-loved for its clean and Scandinavian style furniture, Danske Mobler is among the most popular furniture brands of New Zealand. Based in Auckland, the brand has taken great steps to provide people with high quality furniture all made in New Zealand, contrary to the name of the company. The brand has showrooms in all the bigger cities of New Zealand. As for the prices, Danske Mobler furniture costs much but they are all high quality and come with guarantee. The brand does not sell suites.

The Warehouse:
The Warehouse is a huge chain of hypermarkets that sell electronics and is famous for having stores all around New Zealand with a nice variety of bedroom furniture that although come in basic style, sell for a low price. The brand does not sell suites or sets.

Famous for its high profile furniture brands it is offering, the brand is trending mainly on the Northern Island but has plans to move on to the whole territory of the country. The advantage of Furniture2Go is that it offers diverse styles coming from multiple brands, this way its collection is much more colourful. The brand has discounts and offers great bedroom furniture suites mostly made out of pinewood. As for the price, this brand is quite expensive for most furniture being exported to the country.

Furniture City:
This is a great brand, which you can only find in Auckland. They have quality bedroom furniture and suites with great discounts at times of the year, like now, when you can save up lots of money by shopping there. Furniture City is also good for those wanting to buy rustic and romantic style bedroom furniture as well.

These brands are great looking at if you are looking for bedroom furniture in New Zealand. For cheaper range of furniture, you should take a look at the Warehouse and Furniture City while if you would like something more expensive, then check out Furniture2Go and Danske Mobler stores.