Bathroom Furniture New Zealand

Bathroom furniture is a little bit of specific furniture mainly composed by a mix of wood, metal or plastic and a great range of glass, plexi and ceramic. As we know, it is the ceramics that we call sanitary products, and play the most important role in a bathroom, not to mention the tiles and floor tiles, which are in fact ceramics. The interesting characteristic of bathroom is bathroom furniture or the sanitary products are in fact missing from the repertoire of most New Zealand furniture stores. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to some stores that do have their bathroom sections and to some of the best bathroom salons where you can start your search.

The Bathroom Warehouse is the biggest bathroom furniture and kitchen sanitary product supplier in New Zealand. Once you are here in this huge country, you may face difficulties when you try to check out bathroom furniture in ordinary furniture stores. Instead, you have Bathroom Warehouse that has a huge offer and almost one decade of experience and today it is the top bathroom furniture, kitchen furniture and sanitary product supplier of New Zealand. The brand is based in Rotoura and Tauranga and it has a beautiful showroom in Mt. Maunganui with each city located on the Northern Island not far from Auckland.

Spaziocasa is known for its dead expensive yet high quality Italian bathroom furniture designs. Spaziocasa is among the most popular brands for those who can afford a high profile bathroom for themselves. It deals with all sorts of sanitary products such as showers, washbasins, bathtubs, toilets, bidets, mirrors, and heated tower rails offering great designs of tiles and floor tiles for its customers.

Poynters is especially famous for its outdoor furniture products and also it deals with great quality swimming pools, bathtubs, showers and jacuzzis. Due to its great assortment of wellness and spa products, you can even find sauna cabins here in all sorts of different sizes and styles. You can get to find some of the best indoor baths, whirlpools in the collection of Poynters. The brand is based and has its showroom in Aukland.

Franklin is an Auckland based company that deals with all sorts of international bathroom furniture and sanitary products, they have a huge variety of furniture and bathroom accessories on offer.

Plug In is by far one of the largest bathroom furniture and sanitary product seller, you can find everything you need for your bathroom and for your kitchen. The website of the company also offers shoppers to buy or order their products online and the variety of products is huge over here with lots of discounts. You can find the stores of Plug-In in Auckland, Whangerei, Mt. Maunganui, Palmerston North and in Christchurch.

MICO Plumbing is also a large brand offering complete bathroom furniture such as baths, spas and showers, basins, tap ware, toilets, accessories and kitchen sinks. The company has a great bathroom planner and it has stores all across the country.

You can currently find these biggest bathroom furniture sellers in New Zealand. As you can see, they are generally concentrated around the Northern Island, which is the most populated part of the country. If you look around well, you can find great quality bathroom furniture for great discount prices, so it is really worth looking around.