Baby Furniture New Zealand

Baby furniture is a very special sort of furniture in the creation of which the greatest care is needed with good quality wood that withstands all the movement and which is also made to give the best comfort and the best safety for a baby. Therefore, parents always pay high attention when they buy baby furniture. In New Zealand too, as everywhere in the world, baby furniture is sought-after, especially when it comes from quality brands. In our article, we will explore where you can buy the best quality baby furniture in New Zealand.

Mocka is currently the biggest New Zealand brand when it comes to high quality baby furniture and baby toys. It offers also great brands that help mums with the feeding such as baby chairs. In its nursery and bedroom section, you can find great baby beds, cradles and cots. Mocka also provides a great range of special baby toys, baby and kids bikes, scooters and outdoor playrooms and playing facilities too. At Mocka, you can also ensure all the safety of your baby by purchasing their special baby playroom or by ordering the special baby borders and doors. You can find a great choice of baby changing tables too. The brand offers their products online only and offers quick delivery to any part of the country.

Touchwoodcots is a well-known company with longer traditions in the making of specific nursery products, baby beds, and baby and children furniture. Touchwoodcots also has beds for adults. The company is proud to announce that its products are made of New Zealand Pine, which is a country-specific wood with great quality. The 4-in-1 baby cots of the brand are especially popular. Touchwoodcots offers whole baby bedroom furniture and kid’s room furniture too. The products of the company are sold in its own showrooms and by stockists all over the country and in Australia, the UK and South Africa where the company also grown famous.

Genezis deals with high quality baby furniture such as beds, changers and other sorts of furniture, which also includes all the safety products you would need for keeping your baby safe night and day. Based in Auckland, the company also offers online shopping on its website with delivery. Genezis offers only New Zealand made furniture.

Cariboo offers high quality and fun baby furniture with additional products such as the so-called popular activity gyms and basinets. The baby furniture of Caribou is made of quality teak and the brand offers 100% cotton baby duvets and linen. The good thing about Cariboo is that they have many unique products that you cannot see anywhere else.

Finally, there is a great website in New Zealand often used in the circles of moms with newborns, to get advice, to give advice and to sell those products, which are not useful for one anymore. The website is called and it is a great forum for you if you would like to buy used baby furniture in New Zealand.