Antique Furniture New Zealand

Antique furniture has always been trendy these decades and New Zealand is no exception from that trend either. Although the country is lying far from the European continent, being a British protectorate makes New Zealand’s relation with the European continent firmer. We can see many antique dealers in New Zealand selling vintage and antique furniture predominantly from England and France. Hereby, we would like to represent you with some of the best examples of stores where you can find antique furniture in New Zealand.

Naturally, there are many antique dealers in New Zealand, which deal with various sorts of antique items, which wholly or partially include antique furniture. Hereby, we tried to collect you the best examples of the biggest stores that specialise in selling furniture and antique homeware mainly.

European Antiques
An avid fan of European antique furniture created European Antiques. The stores today sell all sorts of vintage and antique furniture and accessories. The brand ships mid-century vintage and antique goods from the UK, France, Sweden and Belgium. The brand offers various sorts of antique furniture: home furniture, industrial pieces in their original form, lighting such as lamps and candleholders, religious articles, artwork and outdoor furniture. Colonial furniture plays a big part in the creation of New Zealand furniture culture and it is still widely used and bought in the country. European Antiques even offers decorative items and cosmetics in their stock. You can find European Antiques under World Antiques label in Auckland (Britonmart, Beauty Bloc and Beauty Vulcan Lane), in Wellington (Beauty Victoria Street) and in Newmarket (World Beauty). European Antiques has some of the largest variety of antique furniture today in New Zealand.

Mr. Pickwicks
One of the Christchurch-based antique furniture dealers Mr Pickwicks deals with a wide range of antique furniture that includes furniture for bathroom, bedroom, dining, lounge and even office furniture. Apart from their general home furniture, you can also buy antique pottery, artworks such as embroideries, lamps, glass items, metalware and even outdoor furniture and accessories.

Vintage Revival Shop
Auckland-based antique furniture store offers all sorts of antique items, next to selling antique furniture. The great variety of furniture comes mainly from the United Kingdom and contains all sorts of great vintage and antique pieces that include all sorts of accessories. The great advantage about Vintage Revival Shop is that it is one of the very few antique furniture online stores where you can freely browse and buy anything online with a delivery. You can see the new arrivals every day and you can get a great deal of inspiration while browsing the collection of Vintage Revival Shop.

Romantique Antique Furniture
Romantique is an Auckland based antique dealer having a great deal of collection that includes just everything apart from antique furniture. Let see a little bit in depth what we can see and find here: Antiques and Vintage furniture, accessories and artworks, Scrap-Wood furniture, Home-ware (antique and vintage), Clothing and Jewellery and Lighting goods. You can spot many outstanding pieces in this store and it is among the highest-visited antique dealers of Auckland. Look at their collections to see why.

Browsing vintage and antique furniture is really like a beautiful journey back in the time of balls, salons, boudoirs and all the historical happenings during those times. You should definitely see all these beautiful boutiques to find out what you need and what you can afford to buy out of the great choices of antique furniture and goods available today.